OR Bar In St.Julian’s

Posted On:10.25.2020
Posted by Edward Thorn

St. Julian has become my favorite place in the world and i’m so happy to live on the beautiful island of Malta. The music here is so nice and it really looks like a lot of people are enjoying similar music genres. Especially in bars and clubs it is really pleasant for me to get involved in the Maltese community. About a few months ago, i’ve been asked to perform on a weekly basis in a local bar called Online Roulette, next to my place. I couldn’t be more happier when they proposed me this great offer. I still love music so much and couldn’t live without it, that’s also the reason I immediately said yes!

Still, with my passion for music there is still one passion mission in my life: love. Finding the right woman in my life is hard, but it’s even harder when you are looking for similar interests. If a woman doesn’t share the mutual love for music, then it’s a real no-go for me. Even when she is just perfect and very loveable, she needs to have the same interests. I would rather be single my entire life than instead being with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about music like I do. Maybe I should find myself a musician, or maybe someone with a profession in the music business.

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of women out there who are really interested in what I do at NetEnt. Even though it can sound really boring to other people, they still would like to know everything about this type of business. Is it so special to be a music composer? I rather tell them about my performances in the bar, which is just literally next to my home. Every Monday evening I am singing and playing on my guitar in a acoustic style, which I really love. It’s not that boring as elevator music, but has more exciting tones which are combined with so many aspects at the same time. I like singing, even though I had to take a couple of singing classes before I had the courage to even start singing in the first place.

Maybe if I can find the right girl, we can sing together. That would be just great: the perfect music duo! My neighbour reminded me to be a little less critical when it comes to finding the right girl. I know I haven’t been easy on myself and that is also the reason why I haven’t met her yet. Although, there is one girl who visits the bar when i’m playing there. She is very good-looking and also definitely my type. Maybe I should talk to her to find out more about her and see if she has a great personality as well! One thing do I know for sure: she is really fond of my music, which is great. Hopefully she will be there at Online Roulette upcoming Monday, so I can try to talk to her about her interests in music. I also have a keen interest in trading Forex. Forex is the trading of foreign currencies with an online broker like Plus 500 or Pepperstone. You can find Trading accounts at Pepperstone which offer the best currency spreads in the market.