Dream A Little Dream

Posted On:11.28.2020
Posted by Edward Thorn

My dreams have generally all came true over the years. I’ve been able to see my dream of creating interesting escalator music come to fruition. I never thought I’d be working for a company that manufactures machines that I, myself, have created the music for. If you ever get the chance to visit online casinos like Amsterdam’s Casino, Casumo casino, ComeOn, and 7red Casino, you will likely get the chance to hear my music. Actually, it’s more than a likelihood or a chance. Without a doubt, you will be listening to the music I’ve created. Even if you don’t play casino slot machines you could have heard my music in Casumo casinos latest TV commercial named “casino free spins no deposit“. While I’ve always dreamed of pepping up the regular boring escalator music, I never dreamed of being so widely known. All I ever wanted to do was create music. Now that people are listening to my music all the time, it’s clearer to me that this was my path all along.

My other dream is to start a program for kids who are underprivileged and don’t have access to the instruments they wish to play or have an interest in. I want this program to supply and/or rent music equipment that they will be able to use no matter how much income their parents have coming in. I want this to be a global effort and expand to countries where musical opportunities aren’t always available to them. I want the fundraising for this program to be all about music. My dream is that the local kids will host musicals, talent shows, and other musical events where donations will be made and the proceeds from the ticket sales will go directly back into the program to fund it.

Another dream I have had for a while now is to find a way for my music to expand across and to other industries where escalator music is frequently used. I want it to be heard in high-class restaurants and cafes, hotel lobbies, hospitals, lounges across the world, and other gaming facilities. I’ve found a way to make the escalator music interesting and applicable to those who will be exposed to it so they want to stay.